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UK Home Office have now officially recognised

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UK Home Office have adviced CheckModel with our launch, and now officially recognise the work we do!

DailyMail report fashion industry abuse! Click here to go DailyMail site.

Model Alliance report model scams.

US Government advice on model scams.

BMFA Fashion advice on model scams and fraud!

Youtube reports on model scams & warnings

Youtube reports on model scams & warnings

Youtube reports on model scams & warnings

Youtube reports on model scams & warnings

Which magazine report on model scam.

Deaf woman scamed by model agency.

Entertainment Careers report model scams.

The Guardian report studio scams.

Model agency scam advice.

Youtube reports on model scams & warnings

BBC report & give warnings about potential scams.

The Chronicle report teen model scams.

Police issue model scam warnings.

Influencer pulls off massive model scam.

London photographer lures model to his flat to sexually assault her.

Fashion industry reports of abuse.

Model drugged & sexually assaulted.

Fashion agency boss sexually assualts two models.

Photographer reports of sexual assault.

Model sexually assualted.

Emily Ratajkowski Accuses Photographer Jonathan Leder Of Sexual Assault

ONS report increase in crimes against people March 2020

There are serious reports of crimes, model scams, and warnings every hour, every day, but we can only list so many. We really need everyone in the industry to make use of our review profile system to avoid these experiences in the first place!

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